18 Feb 2022
Scarlett Yang on why the future of fashion is phygital

Technology provides new potential for fashion brands to adopt more sustainable practices, reach new audiences, and develop cutting-edge materials. But is it that easy? Canvas8 spoke to artist Scarlett Yang about how brands can look to adapt their approach for virtual realms.

Scarlett Yang is a designer with a focus on developing innovative approaches on the intersection of fashion lifestyles, climate, and the Metaverse. With a diverse academic background in fashion/design/engineering from Central Saint Martins, Royal College of Art UK and Imperial College London, her experiences span across exhibiting at London Design Biennale, an innovation residency with Somerset House London and also receiving multiple awards from such as the LVMH Foundation Sustainability Department, with her works seen on Fast Company, EuroNews, and Vogue UK.

Emma Sheppard is a journalist specialising in business, technology, family and social affairs. As well as Canvas8, her work has appeared in The Guardian, Wired, BBC Worldwide, The Independent and more.