How ladettes of the ‘90s are taking on the menopause
2 Dec 2021
How ladettes of the ‘90s are taking on the menopause

With a growing number of women wanting to know how to navigate one of the most challenging times of their lives, influential menopause advocates are increasingly vocal and frank. How can organisations help menopausal women optimise their health and get the most out of life?

Dr. Shahzadi Harper

Dr. Shahzadi Harper is a medical doctor and founder of The Harper Clinic for specialist menopause and perimenopause treatment. She is also a medical influencer, advisor for brands, speaker at corporate events, and author of The Perimenopause Solution.

Lesley Salem

Lesley Salem is the founder of Over The Bloody Moon and a women’s health advocate. Her own perimenopause experience made her realise how unsupported and unprepared women are for this transition. As a female founder, she believes strongly in delivering social impact. She believes all women have the right to take charge of their change. This is achieved through access to a team of menopause specialists, proven tools, and a tribe for support. Over The Bloody Moon provides a range of digital learning resources, events, and experiences to ensure people are educated, equipped, and empowered by menopause.

Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor is the chief executive and founder of online menopause support network, The Latte Lounge.

Catherine Catherine Balsam-Schwaber

Catherine Balsam-Schwaber is the chief executive of menopause wellness company Kindra.