How are ‘huns’ defining British identity?
1 Nov 2021
How are ‘huns’ defining British identity?

Who is a hun? Less an individual than a state of mind, a hun is a crying Adele meme about missing last orders, it's Alison Hammond posing with Britney Spears, it’s nostalgic clips of Girls Aloud. The hun is the UK's loveable anti-hero. But what does she tell us about British identity in 2021?

Russell Hayward

Russell Hayward lives and breathes pop culture and soaps. He is the host of the podcast Russelled Up, which features conversational interviews on everything from celebrity to prejudice within the queer community to mental health. You can find him celebrating iconic huns on Twitter @RussellHayward and as @babsknox on Instagram.

Carolyn Jackson

Carolyn Jackson is a professor of gender and education at Lancaster University’s Department of Educational Research. She has written extensively about ‘laddish’ masculinities and femininities, including two books: Lads and Ladettes in School: Gender and a Fear of Failure and Lad Culture in Higher Education: Sexism, Sexual Harassment and Violence.

Adrienne Matei

Adrienne Matei is a journalist for publications including the New York Times, Bon Appetit, Vanity Fair, The Globe, and The Guardian. She writes about the intersection of online and offline culture from Gen Zer Tik Tok trends to the digital afterlife.