Why localism is on the rise for British grocery shoppers
20 Sep 2021
Why localism is on the rise for British grocery shoppers

During pandemic lockdowns, many Britons got into the habit of buying groceries locally and/or online, with ethics, provenance, and convenience becoming central factors in their decision-making. As the UK emerges from the crisis, how can brands in the sector adapt to these new priorities?

Jessi Baker

Jessi Baker, MBE, is the founder and CEO of Provenance, a software solution for sustainability communications. Across the US and Europe, she has worked with many brands on technology and digital design strategy, including Cult Beauty, Pernod Ricard, Unilever, and Princes.

Dr. Anna Krzywoszynska

Dr. Anna Krzywoszynska is a research fellow at the University of Sheffield’s Faculty of Social Sciences and an associate director at the Institute for Sustainable Food. Her research focuses on the transformation of food systems and agri-environments towards environmental sustainability and social justice.

Dr. Richard Bruce

Dr. Richard Bruce has worked with and researched the global agri-food supply chain for over 30 years and utilises management accounting techniques that facilitate traceability and transparency across both local and global operations.

Camilla Brown

Camilla Brown is a London-based writer and editor, with essays on arts and culture published online and in print by organisations and journals. Her background is diverse, ranging from working with artists and tech startups, to collaborating with anarchist bookshops and community festivals.