Is Gen Zers’ love for e-scooters made to last?
15 Jul 2021
Is Gen Zers’ love for e-scooters made to last?

Electric micro vehicles, such as e-scooters and e-bikes, are poised to transform urban mobility in the UK. With mental health challenges prevailing post-pandemic, can the high uptake of e-scooters by Gen Z reveal what young people value in their modes of transport as well as their lives in general?

Lucy Yu

Lucy Yu is a senior adviser to Voi Technology – one of the UK's leading e-scooter operators with more than 15 cities participating in trials – covering global policy and research. She’s also CEO at the Centre for Net Zero backed by Octopus Energy. Her work focuses on future mobility, artificial intelligence, and the social impact of disruptive technology.

Dr. Kiron Chatterjee

Dr. Kiron Chatterjee is associate professor in travel behaviour at the Centre for Transport & Society at UWE Bristol. His research looks at the way in which people travel and how this is influenced by the transport system and social, economic, and technological change.

Camilla Brown

Camilla Brown is a London-based writer and editor, with essays on arts and culture published online and in print by organisations and journals. Her background is diverse, ranging from working with artists and tech startups, to collaborating with anarchist bookshops and community festivals.