VanMoof: urban e-bikes for high-powered commutes

Slick, fast, and undeniably urban chic, VanMoof e-bikes boast enough technical features to rival even the most city-friendly commuter car. With global initiatives to encourage sustainable commutes in the post-pandemic era, electric bicycles could be the way to reclaim our cities from cars for good.

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Comparing its product design approach to that of Apple, Tesla, and Sonos, you might wonder how an electric bike suddenly gained so much tech appeal. But the next-generation aesthetic of VanMoof, the Dutch e-bike start-up that launched in 2009, has all the design and technical features to qualify these claims. "With the new Electrified, we’ve created a bike that replaces the car for city commuting," says co-founder Ties Carlier. "We see Tesla and BMW as competition, not other bike companies. To compete at that level, we had to make everything better, faster, simpler, and more convenient." [1]