Dr. Francesca Sobande on inequalities in digital spaces
28 May 2021
Dr. Francesca Sobande on inequalities in digital spaces

The impacts of social inequality became abundantly clear in 2020 amid the pandemic and BLM protests – but this issue doesn’t just affect the physical world. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Francesca Sobande about how social inequalities manifest online and how brands can foster inclusive digital spaces.

Francesca Sobande

Dr. Francesca Sobande is the author of The Digital Lives of Black Women in Britain, Consuming Crisis: Commodifying Care and COVID-19, and Big Brands Are Watching You: Marketing Social Justice and Digital Culture. She is a senior lecturer in digital media studies, and her areas of expertise include popular and meme culture, Black media and visual culture, feminism and consumer culture, and brand responses to injustices and crises. Dr. Sobande’s research has been published in international journals, including Cultural Studies, Marketing Theory, Journal of Consumer Research, and European Journal of Marketing.

Lynda Cowell

Lynda Cowell is a London-based writer, web editor, and former BBC television researcher. Having written for the likes of The Voice, Pride, The Guardian, Time Out and Marie Claire, much of her work has focused on race and gender, but not exclusively. In her free time, she likes to read, drink red wine, and watch the kind of television programmes other people sneer at.