How has covid-19 changed Northern youth culture?
20 Apr 2021
How has covid-19 changed Northern youth culture?

The North of England had a tough 2020, with the region’s youth feeling the negative social effects of the pandemic most keenly. However, the online lives they’ve nurtured will play an integral role as they re-emerge into a radically altered landscape for education and career opportunities.

Lara Piras

Lara Piras is a copywriter, researcher, and brand strategist. Considered a youth culture expert, her vast industry knowledge comes from working with some of the industry’s best, including MTV, WGSN, Vogue UK, and Vogue US.

Christopher Hill

Christopher Hill is the CEO of Element, a Sheffield-based youth charity. The organisation has helped more than 4000 young people to change their lives and their communities since opening in 2013.

Dr. James Duggan

Dr. James Duggan is a research fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University’s Faculty of Education. His research explores the productive tensions between community-based and public sector ways of organising.

Shahed Ezaydi

Shahed Ezaydi is a writer and journalist, specialising in opinion and features writing on politics, race, culture, and social issues. She's written for HuffPost, Vice, and Wired. And appeared on the radio for stations such as BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, BBC World Service, and BBC Radio Sheffield.