Why shoppers are opting for independent businesses
15 Apr 2021
Why shoppers are opting for independent businesses

As e-commerce giants continue to cannibalise the UK high street, the backlash against faceless retailers is accelerating, leading some shoppers to turn to smaller, local businesses – both online and off. How are these independent firms fostering long-term loyalty across channels?

Chris Nawrocki

Chris is a passionate and self-motivated pure-play e-commerce expert with over 14 years of advanced end-to-end working knowledge of international luxury and FMCG retail sectors. He has covered all aspects of e-commerce, from marketplaces and brand development through to ownership of the online presence, including P&L responsibility and advanced working knowledge of multichannel digital marketing. He has specialist knowledge of driving CRO/UI/UX/CRM strategies to deliver a best-in-class experience.

Alex Bodini

Alex Bodini is the CEO of Spin Brands, a social media agency based in London. Alex has had over a decade working in leading social and digital agencies - co-founding Spin Brands in 2016. He’s also an investor and DTC and e-commerce enthusiast who runs five other brands in his spare time.

Andrew Boulton

Andrew Boulton is a copywriter and a lecturer in creative advertising at the University of Lincoln. For the last 12 years or so, he has worked with agencies and brands, helping to develop their communication strategies, tone of voice, and creative communications. He is also the author of Copywriting Is...: 30-or-So Thoughts on Thinking Like a Copywriter.

Jenny Cusack

Jenny is a Gold award-winning writer, trend forecaster and strategist specialising in brand storytelling. Her services include brand discovery, formation and strategy, content auditing, content strategy, copywriting, and top-line insights for C-suite level decision makers.

She has worked for media companies globally ideating the future of trusted journalism and story formats, such as the NY Times and FT, and in development project backed by Nike Inc, where she worked with Fuseproject to pivot business supply and value chains to benefit women and girls.

Jenny is also a published poet and journalist, with works featuring in Dazed & Confused, BBC Futures, and Flaunt magazine in LA.