How new values are changing J-beauty
28 Jan 2021
How new values are changing J-beauty

Skincare aficionados may have spent the best part of the 2010s championing K-beauty, but amid the uncertainty of the pandemic, Japanese rituals have gained fresh relevance around the world. How is J-beauty balancing old and new wisdom to meet evolving consumer needs?

Mariève Inoue

Mariève Inoue has been writing about beauty online and in print for almost 15 years. She is of Canadian and Japanese origin, and loves exploring the cosmetics landscape from Montreal to Tokyo. She has written for leading beauty titles such as Elle Quebec and Beauty Tap, and is also a keen illustrator.

Deanna Elstrom

Deanna Elstrom is a Japanese consumer insights specialist based in Tokyo with experience across a wide spectrum of industries (beauty, luxury, FMCG, etc.) and interest areas. She provides the cultural context and analysis to transform what individuals say into what they mean and translates that into actionable insights for brands. In addition to founding Somi Insights, Deanna holds a BA from Duke University and an MBA from INSEAD.

Shabana Ebrahem

With over 15 years of experience mapping cultural shifts and trends, Shabana Ebrahem helps brands better contextualise contemporary lifestyle and wellbeing narratives. She's a trusted industry advisor, idea curator, practitioner, and educator, skilled in trend application, research, and cultural insight. Ebrahem has designed and led pivotal foresight and market intelligence projects for leading brands in the UK and globally across industries, including beauty, supplement health, consumer electronics, and retail – making her a go-to specialist for several leading companies.