Can Big Tech combat ‘truth decay’?
4 Jan 2021
Can Big Tech combat ‘truth decay’?

As fake news continues to flourish across the web, people are looking to tech companies to take charge of the issue and make long-term adjustments to restore the credibility of online news. But with misleading media easier than ever to manufacture, how can trust be created and maintained?

Gordon Crovitz

Gordon Crovitz is CEO of NewsGuard, an internet trust tool that rates the reliability of news and information websites. He is a former publisher, editorial board member, and opinion columnist at The Wall Street Journal, and is the founder of Factiva and co-founder of Press+.

Daniel Effron

Daniel Effron is an associate professor of organizational behavior at London Business School. His research examines the psychological processes that allow people to act unethically without feeling unethical. His work has been widely published in scholarly media and covered by The New York Times,The Washington Post, and The Atlantic, among other publications.

Jo Thompson

Jo Thompson is a feature and copywriter. Having worked in luxury fashion communications for over four years, she now focuses on writing about the intersection of art, culture, and fashion.