Jan 4, 2021
Can Big Tech combat ‘truth decay’?

As fake news continues to flourish across the web, people are looking to tech companies to take charge of the issue and make long-term adjustments to restore the credibility of online news. But with misleading media easier than ever to manufacture, how can trust be created and maintained?

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In an era of fake news, algorithmically controlled feeds, and manipulated media, people are finding it harder than ever to trust what they encounter online – and harder still to agree on what is true. In 2019, 52% of Americans said that they’d (knowingly or not) shared made-up news, with the majority believing that the problem would worsen over the following five years. [1][2] For any brand that has a stake in truth-telling, the crumbling notion of consensus will have consequences for their relationships with consumers. Indeed, 76% of people in the US agree that political debate has become less fact-based while 86% think it’s become less respectful, reflecting a broader shift toward skepticism. [3]