How Texans are supporting their craft beer community
17 Dec 2020
How Texans are supporting their craft beer community

COVID-19 saw many small businesses across the US fear for their survival, but Texan beer fans have stepped up to support their local craft breweries. How have producers adapted to the challenges posed by the crisis? And what did the pandemic reveal about the value of community in the sector?

Caroline Wallace

Caroline Wallace is the deputy director of the Texas Craft Brewers Guild. The guild promotes and advocates for Texas craft breweries and educates the public about local craft beer.

Will Jaquiss

Will Jaquiss is the founder and brewmaster at Meanwhile Brewing Company. Previously, he was a brewer at the award-winning Breakside Brewery.

Pam Catoe

Pam Catoe is the owner of, a central Texas beer blog. She’s also the SW regional editor for, a member of the Pink Boots Society, and has been a constant fan and champion of the Texas beer world since the late ‘90s.

Melanie Cadwell Ross

Melanie Cadwell Ross is a beer writer residing in Austin, Texas. She contributes to the blog, covering all things beer in central Texas. She loves karaoke, cooking, and spending time with her husband and two rescue pups. She’s likely enjoying a local brew as you read this.