Why senior surfers are the digital disruptors to watch
29 Oct 2020
Why senior surfers are the digital disruptors to watch

With older adults still sheltering in place, the risk of prolonged loneliness and social isolation is high. Improved digital literacy isn’t just helping them stay connected and engaged, but enabling other aspects of everyday life, from shopping and entertainment to managing finances and healthcare.

Liz Hamburg

Liz Hamburg is CEO of Candoo Tech, which provides tech support and training that’s specifically designed to help older adults stay independent, safe, and connected.

Melissa Sakow

Melissa Sakow is Director of Communications at OATS (Older Adults Technology Services), which designs programmes to help seniors use technology for a more connected and secure financial life. It also runs the digital platform Senior Planet, and recently launched a national initiative called Aging Connected, to help get a million seniors online and successfully using the internet.

Chris Haire

Chris Haire is CXO for experience design firm BLDG-25, where he focuses on user experience in digital products. The company also offers senior experience audits, helping clients create more accessible digital products, services, and content.

Sheena Patel

Sheena Patel is a journalist, with over ten years of experience tracking trends and innovations in consumer engagement, retail, advertising, and digital behaviours, for clients ranging from The Guardian and Lush Cosmetics to AXA and Greenpeace.