How ‘finfluencers’ are disrupting debt shame
21 Sep 2020
How ‘finfluencers’ are disrupting debt shame

Feelings of shame around debt and a lack of engagement from traditional institutions have long hindered financial discussions among women. Gen Y ‘finfluencers’ are changing this status quo, using their social media savvy and relatability to improve their followers’ relationships with money.

Bola Sol

Bola Sol is a business analyst and finance graduate. She founded the finance platform Refined Currency in 2015 and launched Rich Girl Chronicles, a personal finance accountability group for women, in 2018.

Clare Seal

Clare Seal began documenting how she was paying off her debts on her Instagram account, @MyFrugalYear, in 2019. She now has more than 64,000 followers.

Susanna Wood

Susanna Wood is the PR and communications lead at Plum, an AI-powered chatbot that can be linked to users’ bank accounts to help them maximise their savings.

Sarah Drumm

Sarah Drumm is a freelance journalist covering small businesses, start-ups, and new consumer brands. She is a contributor to Canvas8 and published a report on the popularity of direct-to-consumer brand communities for Thingtesting.