Dan Woodman on why Gen Alpha can’t be pigeonholed
19 Aug 2020
Dan Woodman on why Gen Alpha can’t be pigeonholed

A world perplexed by the question of how to handle a pandemic is trying to create an environment for change. While most scramble to form a framework around Generation Alpha, Canvas8 spoke to expert Dan Woodman about how best to think about such cohorts while the world is in flux.

Prof. Dan Woodman

Prof. Dan Woodman is an Associate Professor of Sociology and acting Associate Dean in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne, and the author of ‘Youth and Generation’. His primary research area lies in the sociology of young adulthood and generations. His writing on conceptualising generational change and the new social conditions impacting on young adults is internationally recognised.

Louis Tozer

Louis Tozer is a senior behavioural analyst on the social sciences team at Canvas8. Trained as a social historian, he has a background in qualitative research, and after an early career spent at the Institute of Philosophy and Social Theory in Belgrade, he made the crossover into cultural insights. Outside of Canvas8, he can be found down the swimming pool, fixing his bike, or complaining to his friends.