Deep Dive: Who are Gen Alphas?
18 Aug 2020
Deep Dive: Who are Gen Alphas?

In the Gen Alpha Deep Dive, we delve into the roots of this cohort’s activist streak, explore what it’s like to be born into a digital world, consider the ways that playtime is evolving to be more productive, and examine how growing up in a pandemic will shape attitudes to health and money.

Jemima Cox

Jemima Cox is an associate director of social sciences at Canvas8 with a background in psychology and over a decade of experience in research and strategic consulting. Since starting out as a shopper strategist, Jemima has gone on to work with world-renowned clients from consumer, social, and third sector backgrounds, including Google, Samaritans, The New York Times, Adidas, and Squarespace. At Canvas8, Jemima heads up the social sciences team, leading the development of social and ethnographic research globally.

Lottie Hanwell

Lottie Hanwell is a behavioural analyst at Canvas8. She has a degree in English Literature and Spanish, and spends a lot of time thinking, researching and writing about developments in society and culture. On her weekends, she likes to run, read and make a mess in the kitchen.