How will HNWIs travel post-pandemic?
6 Aug 2020
How will HNWIs travel post-pandemic?

The global tourism industry was brought to its knees as COVID-19 restrictions saw jet-setters cancel flights en masse. As the world emerges from lockdown, it’s hoped that HNWIs will play a key role in reviving the sector – but how has the pandemic changed their vacation preferences?

Nickie Mabey

Nickie Mabey is the founder and CEO of Mabey Ski, a bespoke travel agency specialising in personalised ski and snowsport holidays.

Milena Nikolova

Dr. Milena S. Nikolova is a leading expert in applying insights about human behaviour to travel and sustainability. Her passion is in applying behaviour-smart tactics to enhance the positive impacts of tourism on people, companies, and places. Dr. Nikolova is a frequent speaker at global and regional tourism industry events on topics such as behavioural economics for tourism, reinventing travel, and understanding traveller behaviour. She is the author of the first book on applying behavioural sciences to strategic issues in tourism. Dr. Nikolova is also the founder of a boutique company focused on designing and delivering behaviour-smart innovations for the tourism sector.

Ally Elphick

Ally Elphick is a Bristol-based Copywriter and Brand Strategy Consultant, who supports brands seeking to forge a more sustainable future for people and planet, together. When she's not reporting on emerging trends or exploring how her clients can better communicate their purpose, she's tending to her veg plot or making a dash to the coast for weekends spent surfing from the comfort of her campervan.