Why Gen Yers say 'I don't' to destination hen-dos
15 Jun 2020
Why Gen Yers say 'I don't' to destination hen-dos

A weekend trip to a European city may seem like one of the best ways to send a friend off into married life, but many Gen Yers in the UK are losing their taste for this kind of pre-wedding party. How are financial worries, eco-consciousness, and gender inclusivity shaking up the traditional hen do?

Dr. Sheila Young

Dr. Sheila Young is an honorary research assistant at the Elphinstone Institute at the University of Aberdeen, with a focus on cultural research, including marriage, hen parties, inter-cultural communication, and oral history. Her PhD focused on the pre-wedding rituals of women through history.

Jess Wiles

Jess Wiles is a creative partner at the Hubbub Foundation, an organisation that develops creative campaigns to inspire ways of living that are good for the environment. Its aim is to raise awareness of environmental issues, from food waste and ethical fashion to eco-conscious travel.

Sheena Patel

Sheena Patel is a journalist, with over ten years of experience tracking trends and innovations in consumer engagement, retail, advertising, and digital behaviours, for clients ranging from The Guardian and Lush Cosmetics to AXA and Greenpeace.