People are open to ‘normal’ ads unrelated to COVID-19
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Apr 23, 2020
People are open to ‘normal’ ads unrelated to COVID-19

A survey has found that half of consumers are okay with brands running ‘normal’ campaigns that aren’t linked at all to the pandemic. And as people tire of repetitive ads that try hard to strike a heartfelt tone, veering away from that narrative could capture more people’s attention.

A multinational GlobalWebIndex study has found that around 50% of people approve of brands running ‘normal’ ad campaigns that aren't related to the pandemic. In fact, only 20% of respondents actively expressed disapproval of these types of campaigns, with consumers in Brazil, India, and Italy citing the highest levels of approval for normal advertising. That said, there’s still space for sympathetic and informational coronavirus-related advertising; 90% of respondents were in favour of brands offering practical information around the pandemic, while 77% approved of ads that provide light hearted content or showcase a brand’s efforts to help fight the crisis.