What do Middle Americans want from grocery stores?
23 Mar 2020
What do Middle Americans want from grocery stores?

Big box chains and discount retailers may be expanding their influence across Middle America, but many rural and suburban residents in these states still struggle to access fresh and nutritious food. What are they searching for at supermarkets and how are stores meeting their expectations?

Gerry Kettler

Gerry Kettler is the director of consumer affairs at Niemann Foods, Inc. Niemann owns and operates over 100 supermarkets, convenience, pet, and hardware stores, mostly under the County Market, County Market Express, Harvest Market, Haymakers, ACE Hardware, Pet Supplies Plus, and Save-A-Lot banners.

Sheril Kirshenbaum

Sheril Kirshenbaum is the executive director of Science Debate, a non-profit organization working to get every political candidate on record about science policy. She is also the host of ‘Our Table’, a series of round-table discussions at Michigan State University that bring together farmers and food experts, health professionals, and community members to listen to foster dialogue about where our food comes from and how it impacts our health and planet.

Joanna Thompson