Who are the Depop influencers?
26 Feb 2020
Who are the Depop influencers?

Raised on a digital diet, second-hand-savvy Gen Zers have changed the shopping landscape, and Depop influencers are at the heart of this shopping revolution: they’re bringing the currency of clout and cashing in by serving sustainable looks. How can brands get in on the action, too?

Olivia Yallop

Olivia Yallop is a brand strategist and trend analyst specialising in social media, youth culture, and the creator economy. She builds next-gen identities and marketing experiences for clients across the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries including Nike, Adidas, Depop, Disney, and Converse. Olivia also lectures at LCF and contributes to research and media covering the social/digital space, including as a regular talking head explaining internet trends on Times Radio. Her first book, Break the Internet, was published in November 2021.

Olivia Davies

Olivia Davies is the founder of Phussy Couture, a Depop store, which has over 30,000 followers. Alongside Depop, she is a freelance fashion stylist and creative producer.

Steve Dool

Steve Dool is the head of brand partnerships at Depop. Prior to joining Depop, he was a brand consultant who specialised in working with fashion and luxury brands.

Mica Anthony

Mica Anthony is a content writer with a passion for fashion and all things beauty, who has written for the likes of gal-dem and WAVE Magazine. When she’s not trawling social media for her next fashion look, she’s expanding her Depop empire or discovering an emerging music producer.