Why are people snapping up pre-owned fashion?
16 Apr 2019
Why are people snapping up pre-owned fashion?

As fast fashion begins to fall out of favour due to mounting ethical and environmental concerns, the market for second-hand clothing is surging. But how exactly can buying pre-loved apparel help people live more sustainably? And what other factors are fuelling the resale segment?

Marie Petrovicka

Marie Petrovicka is VP International at Depop, where she is responsible for defining the overall strategy for the platform’s global markets, including the UK and US.

Aurore Bardey

Aurore Bardey is the senior lecturer in Psychology at London Metropolitan University. Her research focuses on Applied Psychology in Fashion.

Ian Hsieh

Ian Hsieh is a Cornwall-based journalist specialising in music, technology and visual arts. He writes words for global brands and publications, including Audi, Kodak, Highsnobiety and Bandcamp.