How is smart home tech getting more intuitive?
10 Sep 2019
How is smart home tech getting more intuitive?

More and more Americans are harnessing connected devices as household guards, secretaries, and entertainers. But as privacy fears mount and constant notifications add to digital fatigue, tech risks wearing out its welcome in the home. How can gadgets be better integrated into domestic settings?

Ken Habarta

Ken Habarta is a New York-based future trends expert and the founder of cultural research consultancy Big Cardinal.

Christian de Looper

Christian de Looper is a tech reporter based in the San Francisco Bay Area and regular writer for Digital Trends. He has covered all facets of tech, including the rise of the smartphone, wearables, computing, and the smart home.

Samina Virani

Samina Virani is a lifestyle journalist and cultural strategist who has written for Wallpaper, Time Out, and WGSN. She is also the director of the rabbit hole, a creative think-tank commissioned by brands to deconstruct their core values.