How child’s play is becoming more inclusive
6 Jun 2019
How child’s play is becoming more inclusive

While people with disabilities have long been overlooked, brands are waking up to the fact that there are 93 million disabled children globally. Inclusive design by mainstream brands provides an opportunity for companies to fuel social change through the promotion of quality of life and equality.

Rebecca Atkinson

Rebecca Atkinson is the founder of ToyLikeMe, a campaign that promotes inclusivity in children’s toys. She is also a journalist and consultant on inclusivity, and has worked in print media and TV production including Children’s BBC.

Jess Jolley

Jess Jolley is the PR manager of kids and campaigns at Marks & Spencer. She has previously worked for the Arcadia Group.

Robin Christopherson

Robin Christopherson is the head of digital inclusion and founding member at Ability Net. He has been awarded an MBE for his work on tech and digital inclusion. He speaks all around the world on the importance of inclusive tech. He has also won the Tech4Good Special Award.

Sophie McKay

Sophie McKay is a writer and journalist. She writes about issues including tech, social and political issues and the arts. She’s written for publications including iD and Novara Media.