How ethnic minority writers are finding their voice
3 Apr 2019
How ethnic minority writers are finding their voice

British literature is undergoing a renaissance, as the canon begins to include and champion a diverse range of writers. With modern readers – young ones, in particular – wanting improved representation in mass media, the publishing landscape is reshaping to prioritise nuanced narratives and a multiplicity of voices.

Kate Loftus-O’Brien

Kate Loftus-O’Brien is a book scout and the founder of KLO Scouting.

Julia Kingsford

Julia Kingsford is a literary agent and co-founder of The Good Literary Agency with Nikesh Shukla.

Dr Anamik Saha

Dr Anamik Saha is a senior lecturer and co-convenor of the MA Race, Media and Social Justice programme at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Laura Isabella

Laura Isabella is a writer, editor and brand consultant, who specialises in youth culture, arts, fashion and literature.