How are digital platforms influencing reading habits?
5 Mar 2019
How are digital platforms influencing reading habits?

The internet has sparked a seismic shift in the ways people consume literature as social media and small screens necessitate content in shorter formats. But this transition hasn’t impacted a desire for fresh, meaningful ideas. How are digital platforms opening up and reshaping poetry and fiction?

Dr. Eleanor Spencer-Regan

Dr. Eleanor Spencer-Regan is the Vice Principal and Senior Tutor at St. Chad’s College at the University of Durham. She teaches in the university’s Department of English Studies and is also the Digital Director of the Centre for Poetry and Poetics. She has a PhD in poetry and has published research on American and British poetry.

Andrew Fitzgerald

Andrew Fitzgerald is currently the Chief Digital Content Officer at Hearst TV. He is also a writer of fiction and enjoys experimenting with digital storytelling on social media. Previously, he worked at Twitter leading the Twitter Moments curation team and authored a TED Talk titled ‘Adventures in Twitter Fiction’.

Tarun Sachdeva

Tarun Sachdeva is the General Manager of Tap by Wattpad, a leading interactive storytelling app based in Toronto, Canada. He heads a team in building original, immersive entertainment experiences for the Wattpad audience. He holds a degree in computer engineering and has previously worked in product and development roles at Blackberry, Rogers, and Amazon.

Courtney Miceli

Courtney Miceli is a journalist and visual storyteller currently based in Toronto. She is passionate about science, tech and travel news, and has published work in Science Magazine, Women’s Post, and on Discovery Channel Canada. You can follow her at @courtneymiceli.