Why is ‘ugly design’ appearing everywhere?
29 Jan 2019
Why is ‘ugly design’ appearing everywhere?

Once a source of fascination for conceptually oriented designers, ugly aesthetics have entered the mainstream, with both brands and consumers championing the bizarre, gross, and impractical. How have minimalism, global politics, and a desire for self-expression fuelled this appreciation?

Vanessa Reynolds

Vanessa Reynolds is a graphics and installation designer with over ten years of experience in the creative industries. With a background in graphic design and display concepts for retail, she has designed for a range of brands and agencies, from bespoke one-off productions to large-scale international campaigns.

Theo Inglis

Theo Inglis is a freelance graphic designer and writer. He obtained a Master’s degree in Critical Writing in Art & Design at the Royal College of Art and has a book on graphic design history coming out in Spring 2019.

Natascha Nanji

Natascha Nanji is an artist and writer with a background in Anthropology and Fine Art. She contributes to art journals, museums and tech agencies and works with arts organisations to enhance their digital systems and communications. Natascha studied cultural criticism at the Royal College of Art and is co-editor/publisher of LAY IT ON THICK, a literary magazine orbiting themes around desire and erotics.