Jan 11, 2019
What role do memes play in contemporary Christianity?

Memes are a part of everyday life for many young people, including Christians, who are using them to take control of the religious message they want to project. With church attendances dropping, what role do memes play in modern religious life, and how can tech be used to reach the faithful?

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Fred Jones from Scooby Doo unmasks the person responsible for all of his sins – it’s himself! A nerdy kid holds up a crucifix and a bible to fend off atheists. Jesus protec, attac, and most important, will be bac. [1][2][3] Welcome to the curious world of r/dankchristianmemes – a subreddit dedicated to memes about Christians and for Christians, which has more than 493,000 subscribers. [4] It’s a playful space that often sees posters poke fun at themselves, but the underlying themes are inherently religious: we are all sinners who must take responsibility for our own actions; atheists may see Christians as nerdy and ridiculous, but they are the ones who are to be feared; and, of course, the all-defining devotion to the Lord and Saviour.