How can workplaces empower mid-career women?
15 Nov 2018
How can workplaces empower mid-career women?

Female Gen Xers were trailblazers in the workplace, but now face mid-career challenges that often go overlooked. Canvas8 spoke with Kath Sloggett, founder of career coaching organisation Runneth, to learn how businesses can better support them during pivotal moments in their working lives.

Kath Sloggett

Kath Sloggett is an entrepreneur, career coach and start-up adviser, with more than 10 years’ experience advising professionals and entrepreneurs. In 2014, she founded Runneth, a female-focused career coaching organisation, which typically works with women who are at pivot points in their careers, offering career and business advice to help them achieve their full potential in the workplace. Kath is also a member of the Career Development Institute and the proud mother of two young children.

Helen Jambunathan

Helen Jambunathan is an associate insight director at Canvas8. An anthropologist and writer, she leads strategic cultural research across academia and industry. She is a fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute and the Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and Commonwealth. Her work helps brands and organisations make more culture-connected decisions, and her analysis has been featured in media outlets including Bloomberg, The Guardian, and The Independent.