How has streetwear culture inspired retail?
19 Sep 2018
How has streetwear culture inspired retail?

Considered the most disruptive force to come into collision with the clothing industry this century, streetwear – and hype culture – has transformed fashion. With established brands now vying for a piece of the streetwear community, how has this sub-culture influenced modern fashion?

Joerg Haas

Joerg Haas is managing director of BeingHunted, a platform he founded in 2001. He was previously creative director of retail store Firmament and Hypebeast magazine.

Scott Jones

Scott Jones works for The Drop Date – a website and online community dedicated to creating a calendar around UK and European footwear releases.

Thomas Theodore

Thomas Theodore is a London-based writer and researcher. He previously lived in Berlin and enjoys reading and writing about music, sport and wider culture. He has a degree in PPE from Oxford University.