Why Indians are wary of rapid digitisation
5 Sep 2018
Why Indians are wary of rapid digitisation

The digitisation of India is drastically impacting how people shop, communicate, and entertain themselves. But with dark social platforms unleashing a tide of misinformation and the government pushing to centralise personal data, web users are quickly realising the dark side of connectivity.

Nikhil Pahwa

Nikhil Pahwa is the founder and editor of MediaNama, a leading publication chronicling the growth of India’s digital ecosystem. He is a TED fellow and co-founded the Savetheinternet.in campaign for net neutrality, which saw over a million people participating. He was also the co-founder and chairman of the Internet Freedom Foundation, which focuses on advocacy for an open internet in India.

Alex Quicho

Alex Quicho is the head of cultural intelligence at Canvas8. Her research into identity, ethics, and technology has been published widely, including in Wired, Bookforum, and a recent monograph for Zero Books. She is an associate lecturer in speculative futures at Central Saint Martins and holds a master’s degree in cultural criticism from the Royal College of Art. At Canvas8, she designs innovative methodologies and develops cultural understanding for clients including Google and Nike.