Why Indians are embracing alternative fitness
2 Sep 2018
Why Indians are embracing alternative fitness

For fitness enthusiasts in India, working up a sweat on conventional gym machines is not as fulfilling as used to be. To break the monotony of weights and cardio, some have begun exploring alternatives that allow them to combine exercise with fun and adventure. But what’s driving this shift?

Siddarth Shukla

Siddharth Shukla is an HR consultant who loves running. He promotes veganism in athletic circles and has successfully completed the Ironman triathlon earlier this year.

Mahek Shah

Mahek Shah is India’s first Piloxing master trainer who comes from a serious background of dance and fitness training. He is also associated with a popular chain of Yoga and Fitness centers in India.

Tabitha Thomas

Tabitha Thomas, an ex-Times of India journalist turned fitness trainer has over 14 international fitness certifications under her belt. She now uses her experience to design custom multifunctional workouts.

Nitesh Yadav

Nitesh Yadav is a well-known MMA trainer with almost a decade of experience under his belt. He has also won a number of champion titles.

Nayan Shah

Nayan Shah leads the advocacy and business development department for west-India at Inme. An endurance cyclist by passion, he has also been selected for siachen glacier expedition with the Indian army.

Hema RK

Hema RK is a respected fitness expert in the field of dance fitness. She is one of the founders of the fitness program F Squad which is growing in popularity among fitness and dance enthusiasts.

Siddharth Parwatay

Siddharth Parwatay is a Mumbai-based former editor of a technology magazine. In his free time, he writes on culture, business and start-ups.