What do parents want from kid-friendly tech?
9 Jul 2018
What do parents want from kid-friendly tech?

The digital era has made keeping tabs on children’s behavior more difficult for parents, who often fret about the various dangers of constant connectedness – from smartphone addiction to age-inappropriate content to the threat of cyberbullying. So, how can tech be made more kid-friendly?

Colleen Clark

Colleen Clark is an art director and graphic designer in Atlanta, Georgia. She helped reinvent Cartoon Network’s social media strategy during her time there as a designer, and she now freelances for companies like EA Games, Reebok, and the Coca-Cola Company.

Dr. Diane W. Bales

Dr. Diane W. Bales is an associate professor and extension human development specialist at the University of Georgia.

Janet Kozak

Janet Kozak is a community manager and content strategist who works for the children’s book publisher Noor Kids.

Danielle Small

Danielle Small is a writer and strategist with a few awards under her belt. She has covered numerous industries and has worked with VC-funded startups, nonprofits, and international companies, including Google, AT&T, and Lincoln Motor Company.