How can cryptocurrencies benefit fringe communities?
4 Jul 2018
How can cryptocurrencies benefit fringe communities?

The bitcoin boom of 2017 brought cryptocurrencies into the mainstream – but they offer more than just a quick buck for tech-savvy investors. From sex workers to vegans to LGBTQ individuals, the underpinning tech is helping marginalised groups break free from traditional financial authorities.

Daniele Bianchi

Daniele Bianchi is an assistant professor of finance at Warwick Business School, who has conducted research into cryptocurrencies.

Richard Nedbal

Richard Nedbal is the communication manager at Proud Money, a cryptocurrency aimed at the LGBT community.

Isaac Thomas

Isaac Thomas is the CEO of Vegan Nation, which plans to launch VeganCoin in autumn 2018.

Darren Loucaides

Darren Loucaides is a travel writer and music critic for the BBC. He’s lived and travelled in Italy, the Middle East and Latin America, and has become obsessed with the parallels between cultural and political trends.