Drizly: drinks on-demand, delivering discoveryAs drinking at home becomes part of the new normal, people want a killer selection of brands direct to their doorstep. Drizly’s independent alcohol retailer marketplace delivers within an hour, encouraging Americans to try off-the-beaten-track brands, and even spend more on their choices.
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The alcohol delivery start-up Drizly had a standout 2020. With Americans sheltering at home and drinking more at home due to the pandemic, sales leapt by 350% compared to 2019. [1] “Drizly doesn’t have an inventory – it’s the intermediary between the mom-and-pop alcohol retailer and the consumer,” says Christopher Doering, senior reporter at Food Dive. “Having Uber’s wide fleet of drivers gives a new way for alcohol to be delivered from A to B.” [2] A lack of inventory hasn’t stopped brands such as Guinness and BabeWine increasing their spend on the platform, signifying the anticipation of a game-changing shift in audience eyeballs long-term. [3]