Coronavirus Diaries: giving a voice to relatable fears

The Coronavirus Diaries is a series of dispatches from Slate highlighting first-hand experiences of how life is changing as a result of the outbreak. In a media climate of fake news and pandemic scaremongering, real experiences are a source of truth that most people can, on some level, relate to.

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“For about two weeks, everything was elderberries, which I guess does something for your immune system?” reads an essay from J – a 40–year-old part-time Amazon worker in California – published as part of a series of dispatches from Slate dubbed Coronavirus Diaries. “Hand sanitizer started going crazy a couple weeks ago, too. After I picked up on it, I felt bad, because I’d been damaging out [marking damaged products for discard] hand sanitizer that was going to be worth, like, millions! I didn’t get what a precious substance it was. Right now, it’s paper products and supplements. There’s a lot of toilet paper and paper towels, and those things do not ship well. You can’t build a pallet with them. We’re having an issue with that right now.” [1]