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  • How is Biophile using fermentation to tap beauty enthusiasts?
  • How is Biophile using fermentation to tap beauty enthusiasts?
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Biophile: supercharged fermented skincare

Hygiene is a key beauty concern. Rather than using the synthetic chemicals found in drugstore products to care for skin, Biophile uses a natural biological process and repurposes it for skintellectuals and beauty consumers who want to take a more natural approach to healthy glowing skin.

Location United States

Americans’ quest for natural beauty shows no signs of slowing down, and COVID-19 has highlighted a renewed understanding of the delicate balance between the body and bacteria. Enter Biophile, a fermented skincare brand that harnesses biological science to help people achieve a more balanced skin microbiome. Fermentation and probiotics for gut health have seen a steady rise in popularity among Americans and beauty lovers are redirecting this age-old practice for healthy digestion towards their skincare routines. Indeed, the global probiotic cosmetic products market is anticipated to reach $37.8 million by 2025. [1]



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