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  • What draws American Boomers to fake news?
  • What draws American Boomers to fake news?
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Are algorithms radicalizing boomers?

With QAnon and conspiracy theories impacting mainstream discourse, tech companies are having to take greater control of what’s published on their platforms. Increasingly active on social media, American Boomers are caught up in the misinformation wars - but what draws them to fake news?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all Americans in some way, but it hasn’t impacted each person in the same way. Social distancing and stay-at-home orders have made the orbit of most people’s lives smaller, keeping them away from social interactions. For the Boomer generation, this has been compounded by being likely to be both high-risk and retired, with around 10,000 Boomers retiring every day. [1] All this time at home has led to boredom and isolation, with 36% of older Americans reporting increasing feelings of loneliness as the pandemic goes on. [2] At this moment, Boomers ...



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    Why senior surfers are the digital disruptors to watch

    With older adults still sheltering in place, the risk of prolonged loneliness and social isolation is high. Improved digital literacy isn’t just helping them stay connected and engaged, but enabling other aspects of everyday life, from shopping and entertainment to managing finances and healthcare.

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    Is American exceptionalism dead?

    A lot of businesses traffic in American exceptionalism, tapping into national pride as part of their creative comms and brand identity. But while such aspirational messaging used to resonate with Americans – and many people around the world – will COVID-19 make this narrative less appealing?

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    What does activism mean for American Boomers?

    Boomers may have grown up alongside the hippie movement, but Gen Yers and Zers seem decidedly opposed to their contemporary social and political views. Are older Americans as conservative and self-serving as the ‘OK Boomer’ insult makes them seem? Or are they still keen activists?

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    How are Boomers using tech to combat loneliness?

    Whether due to divorce, bereavement, or family relocation, loneliness is an everyday issue for many American Boomers. But as members of this aging cohort sharpen their tech skills, they’re being exposed to apps and devices that help them establish new connections both online and IRL.