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  • How are couple’s relationship rituals evolving during the pandemic?
  • How are couple’s relationship rituals evolving during the pandemic?
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Date night?! The science of relationship rituals

For many couples, lockdown has put a strain on their relationship – almost half of Americans say it’s been tricky to keep the spark alive. Canvas8 spoke to Ximena Garcia-Rada, doctoral candidate at Harvard Business School, to learn how relationship rituals can act as powerful commitment tools.

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From serial daters to committed lovers, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected all kinds of relationships. Hoping to help spice things up, Box42 is an experiential date-night subscription box for couples. Launched in the summer of 2020, it comes complete with activities, snacks, song suggestions, and a dinner menu – each month, the box is curated around a themed date night idea, like a cosy campfire or the Funfair. With date nights out swapped for date nights in – whether down to financial constraints, governmental regulation, or general fears over safety – couples are ...



  • Scheduled dating app gets isolated singletons chatting

    Scheduled dating app gets isolated singletons chatting

    Frustrated by social distancing and home quarantine, people are taking satisfaction in things that require decisive action. Dating app Flutter is meeting this demand with a built-in time limit for talking to potential matches, helping people regain a sense of control at a time of uncertainty. 

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    How have apps changed the way we date?

    Whether on the search for a hook-up or something longer-lasting, digital dating platforms have become the first port of call for many singletons. Canvas8 spoke to three experts to learn more about the modern romance landscape and to find out whether apps have killed the long-term relationship.

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    How are attitudes to Valentine’s Day changing?

    For many Britons, Valentine’s Day has become a commercial con. However, as attitudes to relationships are shifting, some are choosing instead to demonstrate their love for their friends, family or themselves, while others are searching for personalised gifts and experiences for their partner.

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    Mystic Messenger: Simulated dating that feels oh-so-real

    Mystic Messenger is a game in which players take control of a female avatar and are presented with six potential suitors, powered by artificial intelligence. With more than a million people engaged around the world, it provides a glimpse into the true potential of online dating.