How are attitudes to Valentine’s Day changing?
17 Jan 2019
How are attitudes to Valentine’s Day changing?

For many Britons, Valentine’s Day has become a commercial con. However, as attitudes to relationships are shifting, some are choosing instead to demonstrate their love for their friends, family or themselves, while others are searching for personalised gifts and experiences for their partner.

Karen Doherty

Karen Doherty has worked for more than 25 years as an individual, couples and psychosexual therapist. She trained at Tavistock Relationships in London and she has a profound interest in the dynamics and complexities of relationships. She runs private practices in London and Brighton, working within a psychodynamic framework and cognitive behavioural therapy where required, and is currently creating training modules for other counsellors and psychotherapists.

Dr. Christiana Tsaousi

Dr. Christiana Tsaousi is a lecturer in marketing and consumption at the University of Leicester, where she completed her PhD on the socio-cultural factors that affect women’s consumption of underwear. She is interested in supervising dissertations in the areas of consumption and discursive constructions of femininity, sexuality and the body; consumer culture and mundane forms of consumption; identity, fashion and dress; the construction of identity and body through media.

Fran Prince

Fran Prince is a marketing and PR executive at online gift shop Prezzybox.

Jo Peters

Jo Peters spent 20 years in international agencies working for brands such as Nike and Playstation. Having set up her trend consultancy, Jo volunteered with Samaritans. In 2020, she trained as a coach with the Co-Active Training Institute, helping clients make positive changes in their professional and personal lives. Jo recently studied with Climate Change Coaches, partnering with those wanting to take action on this vital systemic issue. Together with writing on consumer trends and design, Jo loves the big outdoors, from the beach in Shoreham-by-Sea where she lives to MTB on the South Downs.