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  • Why might the pandemic hinder the fight for equality?
  • Why might the pandemic hinder the fight for equality?
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How has COVID-19 changed motherhood for Britons?

While the impact of COVID-19 has been felt throughout the UK’s healthcare system, economy, and job market, studies have found that women have been hit significantly harder than men. How has the pandemic affected mothers, and how can brands help them regain a sense of balance?

Location United Kingdom

Anna Xavier’s COVID-19 lockdown experience encapsulated the secondary crisis that has played out for many mothers across the world. Pregnant and with two kids under the age of six, the Stockholm-based entrepreneur became so stressed trying to balance professional and domestic responsibilities that she threatened to leave the family home. “I am now 33 weeks, huge and super-tired – housework has been a struggle,” she told the BBC. [1] But Xavier is still one of the lucky ones. Research from the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) found that mothers in England are 1.5 times more likely than fathers to have either lost their ...



  • Postnatal depression spikes as COVID-19 affects new mums Postnatal depression spikes as COVID-19 affects new mums

    COVID-19 has led to heightened stress among many, but a study finds new mothers are at a particularly high risk, with the rate of postnatal depression spiking during lockdown. As the range of mental health challenges grows clear, there’s room for a more nuanced approach to support. 

  • Article image Make Motherhood Diverse: real mums’ stories

    As people demand more varied representation, they’re looking for realistic depictions of their lives. Make Motherhood Diverse counters the lack of diversity in mainstream portrayals of motherhood by sharing the stories and experiences of real mums from all walks of life.

  • Article image How can tech bridge the healthcare gap for women?

    Tracking apps, wearables, and telemedicine services hold the potential to transform healthcare for women. But just how much autonomy do these digital tools provide over one’s wellbeing? And as traditional healthcare models diversify, how can they best harness tech to serve female patients?

  • Article image Five Minute Mum: easy fixes for lockdown fun

    As people around the world experience lockdown, parents are struggling to keep their children entertained and educated while maintaining their day jobs. Online platform Five Minute Mum provides daily inspiration through games that are quick and easy-to-assemble – and to tidy away.