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  • How is Future Skin tapping skintellectuals and beauty buffs?
  • How is Future Skin tapping skintellectuals and beauty buffs?
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Future Skin: tech innovation for beauty buffs

Perfect skin may feel like a distant reality for many, but Future Skin is making it more achievable. The brand’s futuristic diffuser-delivered skin masks cover blemishes and give the face a flawless finish, showing that merging tech and beauty offers covetable, science-backed innovation.

Location Central - East Asia / Oceania

Perfect skin has no shortage of practical or symbolic benefits – a bad complexion bars us from beauty, the absence or presence or wrinkles are though to give insight into our social class, and, on an unconscious level, it even takes on moral dimensions, with people judged as unhealthy or unclean for anything short of dermal radiance. [1][2] But as we undertake the quest for beautiful skin, brands have often stayed short of suggesting a fully synthetic spray-on face to layer over one’s own. Until Future Skin, which acts as a wearable ...



  • Skin confidence grows as beauty standards shift Skin confidence grows as beauty standards shift

    While social media has been associated with making people feel worse about themselves, most Britons are happy with how they look. Where aspirational beauty messaging was once the norm, brands looking to resonate with customers may be better served by championing a natural look.

  • Cetraben nixes airbrushing to normalise all skin types Cetraben nixes airbrushing to normalise all skin types

    Adverts for beauty brands often depict models with flawless, glowing skin, but there's a growing demand for more realistic representations on-screen and in the media. So skincare brand Cetraben has pledged to only use models with skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis in its images.

  • Article image How are ‘skintellectuals’ hacking beauty routines?

    As people eschew harsh ingredients in their skincare routine and learn more about what’s best for their skin, they’re embracing a new title: the skintellectual. With Americans filling their medicine cabinets with science-backed lotions and potions, how is the face of skincare changing?

  • Article image How are beauty brands going beyond skin-deep?

    The beauty sector has evolved from an aspirational pursuit of perfection, to celebrating uniqueness and encompassing health and wellness. But as Gen Zers expect the products they buy to align with their values, beauty brands are having to go deeper below the surface to engage them.