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  • What unseen health issues could arise post-pandemic?
  • What unseen health issues could arise post-pandemic?
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How is COVID-19 set to impact emotional wellbeing?

The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly reconfigured the world as we know it – and a mental health crisis could be waiting in its aftermath. Canvas8 spoke to Staci K. Haines, the author of The Politics of Trauma, to understand how the outbreak is set to challenge and change our emotional wellbeing.

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It only took a few months for COVID-19 to reconfigure life as we know it, yet while face masks and deserted city streets have become common sights around the world, not all of the pandemic’s impacts are set to be as visible. Experts have cautioned that a second crisis could follow hot on the heels of the virus – that of declining mental and social wellbeing. [1] According to research carried out in late March and early April, 55% of US adults felt the crisis had affected their mental health and 19% described its impacts as ‘major’. ...



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    The Coronavirus Diaries is a series of dispatches from Slate highlighting first-hand experiences of how life is changing as a result of the outbreak. In a media climate of fake news and pandemic scaremongering, real experiences are a source of truth that most people can, on some level, relate to.

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    The COVID-19 pandemic caused people around the world to suddenly and drastically alter their everyday habits, but what will the lasting impact be? Canvas8 spoke to three experts to explore the long-term implications of the crisis on how we spend, socialise, and stay healthy.

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    The term ‘snowflake’ is often used to diminish young people’s ability to handle adversity, but are Gen Yers and Zers really less emotionally resilient than older cohorts? Canvas8 spoke to three experts to understand the importance of negative emotions in developing effective coping methods.