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  • How is reading people’s personal stories making us feel less alone?
  • How is reading people’s personal stories making us feel less alone?
    Ross Sneddon (2020) ©

Coronavirus Diaries: giving a voice to relatable fears

The Coronavirus Diaries is a series of dispatches from Slate highlighting first-hand experiences of how life is changing as a result of the outbreak. In a media climate of fake news and pandemic scaremongering, real experiences are a source of truth that most people can, on some level, relate to.

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“For about two weeks, everything was elderberries, which I guess does something for your immune system?” reads an essay from J – a 40–year-old part-time Amazon worker in California – published as part of a series of dispatches from Slate dubbed Coronavirus Diaries. “Hand sanitizer started going crazy a couple weeks ago, too. After I picked up on it, I felt bad, because I’d been damaging out [marking damaged products for discard] hand sanitizer that was going to be worth, like, millions! I didn’t get what a precious substance it was. Right now, it’s paper products and ...



  • Article image What can I do!? The science of seeking control

    The spread of COVID-19 has seen people frantically stock their cupboards and freezers, with empty supermarket shelves a common sight worldwide. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Leonard Lee, a marketing professor at the National University of Singapore, to understand the human needs that fuel panic-buying.

  • Article image How will COVID-19 impact long-term behaviours?

    The COVID-19 pandemic caused people around the world to suddenly and drastically alter their everyday habits, but what will the lasting impact be? Canvas8 spoke to three experts to explore the long-term implications of the crisis on how we spend, socialise, and stay healthy.

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    The Money Diaries column on Refinery29 has drawn a cult-like following, putting young women’s finances under the microscope, letting readers peer beyond the constructed personas often presented online. What does the series reveal about Americans’ attitudes toward money and spending?

  • Article image Why are people so obsessed with dystopias?

    Dystopian narratives in pop culture have long been used to reflect real-world fears held by both niche groups and the entire global population. So, how are books, films, and TV series highlighting contemporary concerns? And how might a general sense of pessimism impact people’s behaviours?