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  • What do Americans want from in-home fitness brands?
  • What do Americans want from in-home fitness brands?
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What are Americans doing to stay fit under lockdown?

With many Americans facing long stretches of time indoors during the COVID-19 outbreak, they’re turning to technology to keep them healthy, connected, and entertained. How are digital fitness brands and platforms and virtual trainers helping people in lockdown to stay physically active?

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The video centers on a woman in her mid-thirties, sitting cross-legged on a yoga mat. She smiles and waves at her 6.6 million YouTube subscribers. This is Adriene Mischler, ‘the people’s yogini’, from Austin, Texas. [1] In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, her video tutorials have never been more in demand. “The beauty about the home practice is it’s yours,” says Mischler, addressing the thousands of her viewers now confined to their homes. “Yoga practice is the perfect antidote to feeling unbalanced and uneasy.” [2]

While the number of people exercising at home ...



  • iFit’s at-home workouts keep fitness fans connected iFit’s at-home workouts keep fitness fans connected

    At-home fitness brand iFit has raised $200 million in funding to expand its interactive workout services. Riding on the success of competitors like Peloton, the brand is meeting demands for high-energy workouts with all the benefits of a gym class without the hassle of having to leave the home.

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    Why do healthcare teams and patients need better ways to communicate? How is exercise entering the home? And what’s the impact of open discussions around menstrual health? In this part of the 2020 Expert Outlook, we speak to three experts about the ways people are taking care of themselves.

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    From ‘drunk yoga’ to ‘no-shower happy hour’, fitness and indulgence no longer have to be separate entities. Exercising is not enough – people want to create a social event out of their workouts. With more choice than ever when it comes to fitness, what are the factors driving this Gen Y-led trend?

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    With energetic instructors broadcasting live workouts and a social community that motivates users to exercise often, Peloton bridges the gap between boutique studios and the growing home fitness market. But why are people opting for virtual, on-demand spin classes over a visit to their local gym?