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  • What impact is digital overload having on people’s wellbeing?
  • What impact is digital overload having on people’s wellbeing?
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Thrive Away: recalibrating our relationships with tech

Distractions abound in the age of the smartphone as work emails, social media notifications, and news updates keep people glued to their devices. The Thrive Away app is helping people regain control of their digital lives and set healthy boundaries by screening all incoming mobile activity.

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“As life becomes too stressful and opportunities to unwind diminish, screens slip in as our primary coping mechanism to check out from ourselves and all that’s going on around us,” says life coach and author Jane Evans. “[But] screens numb emotions. They take us away from feeling pretty much anything that’s going on inside our heads or bodies.” [1] HuffPost co-founder Arianna Huffington would be inclined to agree. As a tech and media mogul turned anti-burnout icon, Huffington has developed her personal brand around addressing wellbeing and succeeding in this frazzled age. In 2017, she added ...



  • Article image Look at me! The science of distraction

    As second-screening becomes the norm, attention spans are dwindling. But how exactly does multitasking affect our ability to identify useful information? Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Daniel Zane, an associate professor at the University of Miami, to understand what happens when we’re distracted by ads.

  • Young Britons take domestic trips to detox Young Britons take domestic trips to detox

    A study conducted by Barclays has indicated a rising demand for domestic travel among young Britons. Gen X and Yers’ choice to travel closer to home on ‘staycations’ allows them to escape the IRL stresses of everyday life and digitally detox from online overkill.

  • Emirati school introduces digital detox camp Emirati school introduces digital detox camp

    A school in the UAE city of Sharjah has implemented a digital detox camp for its students. As increased screen time becomes a worry in regions with rising digital penetration, school teachers are looking for methods to provide the younger cohort with alternatives.

  • Article image What are the benefits of digital decluttering?

    Between the build-up of ‘digital clutter’ and constant distraction of apps, smartphones, and tablets, tech advancements have enveloped us in a binary fog at almost all times. How can minimalism and more mindful usage help preserve mental wellbeing and boost productivity?