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  • How are Gen Zers watching TV?
  • How are Gen Zers watching TV?
    Nick Fithen (2019) ©

What do Gen Zers want from the small screen?

Gen Z are consuming more media than any other generation, but the where, how, and why of what they’re watching have all changed. With online streaming platforms, bite-sized content, and programmes designed specifically for smartphones, how is the TV market pivoting to cater to Gen Z tastes?

Location North America / Northern Europe

“An indulgent spectacle, taking metaphoric liberties with some of its most dramatic turns,” said Palmer Haasch, a New York City-based Gen Zer and writer specialising in TV, fandom, and internet culture, of HBO’s Euphoria. [1] The show, where the US high school characters, mostly all IRL influencers with millions of Instagram followers, deal with issues of drugs, sex, and violence, delivered 1.2 million viewers across the cabler's multiple platforms, including just over 500,000 who tuned in to the live broadcast, when it aired. [2]

Euphoria was much acclaimed not only for its ...



  • Article image What do Gen Zers think is cool?

    Gen Zers are a tricky yet intriguing generation to grasp – they’re offline-shopping, eco-conscious, genre-defying, values-defending mavericks. As they grow into adolescence and adulthood, what do Gen Zers actually think is cool and how can brands appeal to this cohort’s unique mindset?

  • Trader Joe’s lures Gen Z with meme-able YouTube channel Trader Joe’s lures Gen Z with meme-able YouTube channel

    In a move that may seem surprising for a grocery store chain, Trader Joe’s has launched a YouTube channel – with its characteristic playful tone. The channel offers what a lot of young people look for online: content that’s easy to consume, in a meme-friendly format, with a hint of absurdist humor.

  • Article image TikTok: short-form videos for creative collaboration

    Vine and Snapchat may have popularised the short video format on social platforms, but TikTok has broadened the medium’s potential, allowing users to join viral crazes with just their phones. As Gen Z’s attention spans shrink, the app offers an easy way to participate in a wider digital community.

  • Article image Brat: scripted shows by Gen Z influencers

    With the volume of content increasing and attention spans dropping, entertainment brands are under pressure to find new ways to engage with Gen Z. With 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube, Brat has succeeded in creating original TV shows that are relatable and available to an audience on-the-go.