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  • How is Frida Mom catering to new mothers?
  • How is Frida Mom catering to new mothers?
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Frida Mom: playful products for postpartum recovery

Frida Mom caters to the millions of women in the United States who become new mothers every year. Helping them to navigate the physical discomfort of the fourth trimester, the brand offers a collection of female-focused products that playfully address the needs of postpartum bodies.

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When Chelsea Hirschhorn gave birth to her second child in 2016, she was as disenchanted with the recovery process as she was after the first time. “Nurses were still stuffing a size 5 baby diaper with ice and taping it between my legs onto a wee-wee pad,” she says. “It was equally as archaic as it was when my mom gave birth and the fact that nothing had changed … was disappointing.” [1] The entrepreneur had already founded Fridababy two years before to help parents tackle the poop, vomit, and snot that comes with ...



  • Pampers ad depicts real-life experience of parenthood Pampers ad depicts real-life experience of parenthood

    In a move towards realistic portrayals of parenthood, a Pampers campaign highlights the overwhelming life changes that come with having a baby. As people increasingly crave authentic advertising that’s in touch with their realities, brands can offer a supportive arm during life's milestones. 

  • Article image How women are negotiating motherhood and fitness

    The recent successes of sportswomen like Serena Williams and Jasmin Paris – who also happen to be mothers – may be eroding the stigma around motherhood and fitness. But which challenges prevail for pregnant women who want to exercise? And how can brands help them fight isolation and get active?

  • Article image Earth Mama Angel Baby: organic care for tiny tots

    From morning sickness to full nappies, bringing a baby into the world isn’t always the smoothest process. Placed perfectly within the booming organic baby skincare market, Earth Mama Angel Baby offers health-conscious mums a range of herbal remedies to make childcare more organic.

  • iPhones are used to track postpartum depression iPhones are used to track postpartum depression

    We're rarely far away from our phones; they store all our most valuable information. And our intimacy with these devices is being used to gain insight into the mental well-being of mothers in a study by Postpartum Progress that uses an app to track their emotional health.