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  • Staying in the black with a bot-assisted app
  • Staying in the black with a bot-assisted app
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Wela: helping Gen Y families manage their money

American Gen Yers have never been in so much debt – those aged 30-39 owe a combined total of $408.4 billion in student loans alone – and as they start to have families, their money worries are only growing. How can apps like Wela helping these young households tackle their financial crises?

Location United States

Gen Yers are ready to put down roots as they form their own families, yet while 82% of non-owners in the US want to get on the property ladder, many are unable to do so as they can’t afford to make a down-payment or cover the mortgage costs. [1] Faced with crippling debt and mounting money worries, could an app that enables people to understand and streamline their finances help them set and meet savings goals?





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    Samsung: pop-ups for the online banking generation

    Having come of age in a recession, Gen Yers are suspicious of high street banks. But as they begin to require more complex financial products, they’re struggling to find the advice they need online. In response, Samsung is creating a range of pop-up solutions, bringing branches to digital natives.

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    How can banks help poor savers and rash spenders?

    Although 64% of Americans say that money is a source of stress, the perception of banks as greedy and uncaring makes it difficult for them to connect with customers who could use their support. So, how can the sector as a whole help those who are prone to spending more than they can save?

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    How do Gen Y manage their debt?

    Gen Yers came of age during one of the worst global financial crises, got saddled with a record amount of student debt, and are worse off than their parents were at the same age. So how are they managing the money they owe? And how have attitudes towards borrowing changed for this cohort?

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    Digit: outsource your saving to a bot

    Nearly seven in ten Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings accounts, and 34% have nothing set aside whatsoever. Conserving cash can be difficult, but finance app Digit wants people to leave it to a bot. How has it managed to save people over $230 million in just 18 months?