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  • Excuse me, where would I find the wearables?
  • Excuse me, where would I find the wearables?
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How do people make sense of wearables?

Wearables perform various different functions, all embedded into everyday products like watches and shoes. So, should they be positioned  as tech or jewellery in-store? Marketing professors Michael Solomon, Marzena Nieroda and Mona Mrad spoke to salespeople at major UK retailers to find out.

Location United Kingdom

Wearables are no longer just for early tech adopters, with mainstream adoption expected to drive sales worth $34 billion by 2020. [1] But what exactly are they? The devices presently flooding the market offer various functions – from activity tracking to mobile payments to personal security – all united by the fact that they use sensors embedded into everyday products such as watches, shoes and necklaces.

This flexibility is why designers are just as interested in wearables as tech manufacturers. Brands including Tory Burch and Swarovski now offer accessories that are ...



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